Brand Explorer and "Creativangelist"

I'm Joe Brim and I love to create. It's my focus to use creativity to help others have a better standard of life. Whether it's traditionally or digitally, using brand development, graphic or product design. I bring my ideas to life with a simple messageā€¦ Live creatively!

It's my code of honor, my belief, my lifestyle. It's my brand. I AM BELOW THE BRIMĀ®.

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My Creative Explorations

This site will serve as a "collection" of my work, ideas, or perspective. In other words, you'll see some creative things. Click *{here}* for creative work and "Follow Me" at:

The Power of Thought

My design thinking is a page from IDEO's Human Centered Design: inspire, ideate, and implement. This allows for a holistic approach to problem solving.

The Meeting of Styles

Whether we were addressing social issues, sourcing issues, employment branding changes and more. The one consistency, no matter who I work with, is we all want things better.