Gobbi Kids

Pronounced “Go Be”.

This brand is a personal project. I explored the production of graphic apparel using personalized art and focusing on low quantities.

The Problem

The production of one-off designs can become extremely expensive and create inventory. Predicting sizing, design preference, printing techniques, etc. without data from your hypothetical customer base poses a huge risk for many companies. Without efficient sale through rates, this drastically impacts small businesses and retailers.

BUT… what if you could manufacture single “prints” (shirts), use custom art, minimize inventory, provide visibility to designs, and market it similar to paintings but hold high profit margins?

I paid keen attention to the process, quality product, and a satisfying customer experience without neglecting the reality of scaling the concept.

Develop the process


After thinking through the process, I decided to focus on the art. I decided to limit the sizes and printing method but maintain color. This ensured I was able to control the price and expectations with the printer, customers, and other key elements. Though I created these restrictions, I could not jeopardize my art, the quality of the product, or the customer’s experience.

Character Development

Test and Implementation

Launched a test experience on Etsy and belowthebrim.bigcartel.com. The response was “Where can I get mine?”