Remote Production

The Employment Brand team at Discover ended 2019 with success. We launched our career website a year prior and prepared to tell the story of our culture, employees, and value proposition on social media.

We engaged a marketing agency, production company, and aligned internal resources for launch and within, what felt like moments, the world is hit with a pandemic. As we all know, this crisis puts the world in isolation. We all began to adjust and work differently.

The Problem

• Unable to host an in-person production shoot
• Hesitant to use current image library because it wasn’t aligned with the new way of work
• Uncertain when things would get back to normal


• How will we create fresh, authentic content for these new channels and elevate our brand?
• Identify resources

The differentiating factor of Discover is its culture and its employees. Discover thrived on face-to-face interactions, site tours, social events, etc. We prided ourselves with work in the community, volunteerism, diversity events, and team activities which all created solid sources to curate content. Transitioning to virtual-only interactions presented a huge gap in authenticity that stock imagery and videos could not help with. Our goal was to launch an engaging, interactive, and authentic social network within weeks.


Let’s plan and host the first-ever remote photo and video shoot using company-issued equipment and personal mobile devices. Here’s how I imagined this working:

Strategic framework

Communication Highlights

  • Locate Ambassadors
    • Engage leadership
    • Post on internal platforms
    • Direct email select few
  • Explain the employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Align This experience to company goals and work
  • Develop project framework

Expectations Highlights

  • Discuss key preparation concerns
    • Natural lighting
    • Position
    • Trademark/IP avoidance
    • Environment setting
  • Determine multiple ways of capturing content
  • Introduce iCIMS Video Studio
  • Signed release forms
  • Communicate process

Experience Highlights

  • Walk through experience
  • Encourage employees to provide input
    • Best location
    • Meaningful story
  • Streamline process to deliver files securely
  • Test photos/videos via instant messaging or email (offer adjustments)
  • Allow space and time for employees to capture visuals without my presence

…within, what felt like moments, the world is hit with a pandemic…

Test and Implementation

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